White Light Technique

Based on the teachings of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui founder of Pranic Healing

  1. Visualize a small image of your child standing in the palm of your left hand, about the size of a small doll.
  1. Concentrate on the crown of your head where the spiritual energy flows through to you. 
  1. Visualize the spiritual energy or white light coming out of the palm of your right hand.

Move your right hand all around the image of the child in order to completely surround the child with the light. It will look as though your child is standing inside of a light bulb.

As you surround the child with the light, pray for protection, guidance, healing, peace or whatever it is that you are wanting for your child. Example: “Dear God, I ask you to surround------------with your beautiful white light. Please give him/her your guidance, peace and wisdom as he/she goes through his/her day. Keep him/her in your watch and bless him/her with your goodness”

  1.  Visualize an angel standing in front of you. Raise your left hand upward, lifting the image of your child towards the image of the divine helper. 
  1.  Once you see, in your mind’s eye, the child is completely engaged with the angel, then let go of the child with your left hand as you cut the cord of worry, doubt or fear with the right hand. You may imagine the edge of your hand as a sharp-edged knife as you briskly and deliberately karate chop the negative cord attached to the front of your torso.  Only the cord connected to worry will be removed, the Spiritual connection cannot ever be cut,
  1.  Think about something else less emotional in order to really let go of your worries and fully entrust your child to God.